How To Find Companies Who Practice Corporate Social Responsibility



hand writing corporate social responsibility ( CSR )

For the last few years, the business world has been awash in the focus of corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is best looked at types of business practices involving modes of operation that benefit society, or the greater good. Companies committing to these practices are starting to see more benefits & predict greater success in the future.

As such, it would make sense that a smaller entity would want to connect with another company that has a high level of CSR initiatives in place. But how? Here are a few ways to find, and work with, these companies:

Companies on Leading Edge – Innovation is a byproduct of CSR. One way to find a company with significant CSR commitment is see what types of product they are putting out in the market. Moreover, you can connect with them by being able to present a unique product of your own that, without CSR-centered efforts, may not exist.

Who’s Saving Money – Reports on business financial breakdowns are a good place to see who is paying less money for their utilities for example. The idea is that while the company is trying to lower cost, they may also be mindful of changing their general practices to draw less power & be a little greener. Your own company’s cost-cutting measures may be the way to catch another business’s eye.

Appeal to Your Customer – With a growing level of social awareness, your customer will be looking to see what type of CSR-related footprint is in your business practices. As such, moving forward working with other companies with significant CSR policies will allow you to connect with your socially-conscious customer in a positive way.

Appeal to Your Employee – Get your employees involved. They are becoming socially-conscious in their own right, and they want to feel as though the company they work for is doing “good” for the world. Look toward larger corporations that have enacted unique employee programs and networks for their employees to be active participants.

Rethinking CSR – While it makes sense to see CSR as a way to save money, it might be best to think about CSR as a way to look ahead & see how the company can successfully move forward for years. This is an apt way for any business to approach developing its practices.

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